Houston we have a problem
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This post is coming straight from outer space,some of the buttons in the spaceship seem to have stuck.The craft is not responding too much red lights and beeper sounds ,that is why I am radioing back to earth.Well this post is about me,not city or spatial planning among the stuff I write about.Well my problem is simple it shouldn’t take a lot of words,I am in the Thesis year of my study and I am yet to get a solid topic to go for.

Someone told me the thesis topic should be about what really interests you ,It should be something that you are willing to walk with for the rest of your life,something that hopefully you will get a doctorate on,it should define who you are,what interests you among some adjectives I have forgotten.

Knowing myself thoroughly ,I love technology and the Web 2.0 and all those emerging technology kind of stuff.My thesis hopefully should hover over that country lets call it Techland but I need to have a topic that will marry tech and spatial planning .The issue of getting a research topic is not easy ,I have come up with two so far,which I will share below…. and anyone out there who feels he can help a brother out in getting a right topic or bettering among what I have gotten so far is invited,In the event you help me out in whatever way,I swear by all I believe in, I will have all your names in the Acknowledgement section and I will personally email all of you the final report.Thanks a bunch 🙂

Topics I am considering
1.Leveraging Public participation in spatial planning through the use of Social media, Information Communication Technology and other emerging Technologies: Case of Kisumu City/Nairobi
2. Spatial planning and Big Data: Improving Urban Transport and Mobility ,Case of Nairobi

4 Responses to “HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM!!!”
  1. o j agutu says:

    i think you should go with the second one… it could be awesome and you can get enough material for it

    • KamalOgudah says:

      Problem with so much material means there is nothing much to write about,but also it helps your literature review have something will look into it,I still have up to around November to finalise on the proposal.Thank you though.

  2. olivia says:

    I agree with the above comment – you can find a lot of information on the second topic. Maybe too much information – as in, that topic may have already been exhausted research-wise.

    If all you want to do is add more theory to already existing theory, go with #2. If you want to really make a PRACTICAL, HANDS-ON difference in Kenya, go with #1. I believe there’s a huge gap between the information that already exists on planning and the people for whom that information is intended. And to me, #1 shows how to successfully bridge that gap, provided you actually follow through and implement your thesis.

    All the best.

    • KamalOgudah says:

      Thank you Olivia.Indeed the first topic has much relevance in light with the new constitution that is anchored on having a government for the people but the issue of participation is still wanting,and with many Kenyan’s online such can be used to bring more people to discuss and influence issue in the public domain.

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