WEB 2.0 loosely translates to intersection of web application features that facilitate participatory information sharing, interoperatability , user-centered design and collaboration on the world wide web. Mobile computing on the other hand is a form of human-computer interaction by which a computer is expected to be transported during normal usage; it has three main aspects mobile communication, mobile hardware and mobile software. The details of these aspects will confuse you more especially if you are not into the computer field, but the important thing is you now understand even an iota of what I mean by the above terms.
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As a young Urban and regional planner who happens to be growing in the era of Generation Y, That is us who we have grown in this era of mobile phones and can’t live without them (picture someone taking your phone for let’s say a week and you are required to stay without going near a computer or television –The picture comes out abstract I know), social networking, Research (Copying and pasting from Google and Wikipedia) try limit this as there are a lot of plagiarism softwares out there. I have come to realize that mobile computing and the web 2.0 convergence offers hope to the sustainability and efficiency of the future city, with innovation and adoption of some emerging technologies the management of these cities of the future will be a button or touch away.
We may, and many are right now working from home this will help save the planet from pollution and reduce the percentage of urban land use allocated to transport, I remember my Transport Planning lecturer back in college said it is around 20-30%, with reduced transit to places of work far away we will spend less on transport infrastructure development. Working from home is no longer farming or being a house wife, more so many house wives are reaping big through working at home at times making more than their husbands thanks to the web 2.0.
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Mobile banking is providing financial solutions that five years ago were nonexistent, for example M-Pesa (Made in Kenya) allows you to send and receive money using your phone, but M-Pesa is just a tip of the ice berg what is amazing is the resulting multiplier effects of M-Pesa which include ability to pay utility bills, recently I saw a local mobile service provider roll out a loan facility, in mobile computing and web 2.0 convergence lies the future of finance and banking look at the trend in agency banking ,M-banking which will ensure more people will have access to banking services than before.
There are sites that facilitate crowdsourcing of people who want to talk about their cities and initiate projects among these we have city 2.0, the city administration is no longer out of reach by the residents through the various technologies we can have town hall meetings that are inclusive than before, in twitter you can create any #trendingtopic or a #discussion and have other people involved through searching for #topicofdiscussion. Geolocation apps like foursquare helps advertise our cities whereby we can put tips of places of interests so that other people can experience that too,as we strive to realize walk able and sustainable cities of the future that will be free of gigantic highways ,colossal energy projects we need to look no further than at our mobile phones ,cause in your hands you are holding the future.

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