The world over many cities face instances of high crime rates from muggings, carjacking to kidnapping among other vices related to crime, many argue that crime is a necessary social evil due to the lack of economic opportunities of the bulk of a locality’s population, I agree this has a contribution to the emergence of crime but also the way we design our cities neighborhood’s has a lot to do with crime like break-ins, carjacking, mugging. Picture a street that is not well lite, having run-down buildings and filth allover and another street that is stark opposite which of these will be prone to crime. Cities design goes hand in hand with management of which encompasses not only administrative management but environment and all the other things in the city.
There is also the issue of housing once we permit slums to grow so will crime because criminals are attracted to places that are congested with less open spaces, lack of definite access routes and opportunities this brings to focus among the main solutions to slum upgrading all stakeholders should look into ensuring access by creating roads and feeder roads, creating open spaces so as to reduce the congestion.
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Most of the police departments in the cities especially those in the developing world hardly do any crime mapping with technological advancement that is evident the world over crime mapping has never been made easier that it is right now. The places with high instances of crime can have more police on patrol and also it can be discouraged for pedestrians to walk unaccompanied, these areas can also be made safer through measures like lighting among others.
Coming back to our neighborhood’s we can help reduce instances of crime through working together as the community and individual efforts. Let us support the local government arms in lighting the streets and managing these infrastructures many will shy from this claiming that it is the government’s work but it is you who lives there, it is your community, we need to have the sense of community in us. And in our respective compounds we need to do a lot in terms of landscaping and clearing bushes that may crop up this will make a criminal to shy away from that home for it means that the person is right in his/her house.
Lastly there is use of surveillance cameras this has high installation costs but low Maintainace because unlike security guards nothing will pass without being captured and recorded, this if properly used can help made neighborhoods , shopping malls and arcades, city streets much more safer. And it is the safety of a city that is among the main aspects investors view before they set up shop there will their investments be safe, what about their workers(I stand corrected here, many don’t give a f##k about what the workers go through)

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    Hello. I love this blog from the first time I have found it.. But please change the background of the homepage.. It is making text unreadable… Great read though 🙂

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    Now much better. 🙂

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